Monday, September 27, 2010

Participate in the New York State Broadband Speed Test

The New York State Center for Technology in Government is building a map of broadband (high speed internet access) speeds throughout the state. Their goal is to find out which regions are being served adequately and which are not, so that service can be improved.

Why is the government getting involved in this sort of thing? Because internet access is crucial to civic participation, economic development, education, career development, health care, home-based business, social networking and it helps reduce the need for expensive and environmentally damaging paper forms and mailings.

If you want to help out, all you have to do is go to Click the blue Take the Speed Test button. Then click the blue Begin the Speed Test button. A box will pop up - click "Run" or "Ok." The whole thing will happen automatically and will take about a minute.

The more people participate, the better an idea they will have about the real internet access situation in New York State, and that can lead to policies, funding and regulations that will help you. So take a minute and do the speed test at

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