Monday, September 13, 2010

new Information Skills Tutorial

Do you feel like a complete beginner when it comes to using the library or doing academic research? Have you been managing but still have some pretty big questions? You're in luck - the library just launched the new Information Skills Tutorial.
  • Questions about how to search for your topic in databases? Go to Search!
  • How to decide if a web site or book is "scholarly" enough? Go to Evaluate!
  • How to cite this crazy thing with two titles and no page numbers? Go to Cite!
Do you just want to become an expert, confident researcher once and for all? Start at the beginning and work your way through to the end - it won't take long. We've pared down the information to the essentials and put it in the most clear, concise language we possibly could.

We even spotted most of our typos before the launch! If you have some feedback about how the site could be improved, there is a comment box in the right column of every page.

Questions? Ask a Librarian

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