Monday, September 6, 2010

improvements to ScienceDirect interface

ScienceDirect, a huge all-scholarly, full-text database in the sciences (no surprise there) and also business topics, is making some important changes. They are launching the SciVerse Hub to integrate content from ScienceDirect and two other sources: Scopus and Scirus.

What does this mean for you? Partly, it means that ScienceDirect won't be an all-fulltext database anymore. There will still be all the full-text articles there were before, but there will also be search results with no full-text in the database. While this is a little bit inconvenient, it also means you'll be made aware of potentially valuable articles that you can find in other library databases or other libraries. (Like we mentioned before, you can use any SUNY, CUNY or New York community college library!)

Do you get assignments requiring you to find an article that talks about a certain research methodology? We know some of you do. ScienceDirect now has a way to search for articles by that criteria! It's called the Methodology Section Search Application. It's a clunky name for a powerful tool. Check it out!

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