Monday, March 1, 2010

Secrets to taking out books from almost any library!

SUNY Libraries
Empire State College is part of the SUNY system, so employees and students of the College are also employees/students of SUNY as a whole. That means that, according to the SUNY Open Access Policy, you can use any SUNY Library - including all the colleges and universities, the community colleges, and even the CUNY colleges.

Your access is limited to their print resources - you can use their reference collection in-house, take out books, and make copies from their print journals for personal use. In addition, some may have a guest login to use their electronic resources (databases) while you're in the library.

To be granted access and to take out books, you will need to bring your Empire State College photo ID. If you don't have one yet, you can get one by following the procedures detailed here.

Other College Libraries
Do you live near a college that isn't SUNY? If so, you can often borrow books from them too if you go through the right steps. Go to your public library and ask about whether there is a regional access card or something like that. Many (but not all) private colleges participate in a cooperative arrangement that allows local residents to borrow books with a special library card. For example, in the Mid-Hudson Valley region, it's called a Direct Access Card, and in the Rochester area, it's called an Infopass. For more information about this possibility, ask at your public library.

Public Libraries
Another thing you may not have thought of is your local public library. Sure, they don't have much in the way of academic books and journals, but what they may have is interlibrary loan services. Interlibrary loan is a program by which a library borrows a book or article from another library on your behalf. You get to use it and then return it to your library, which returns it to its home library.

For more information on this possibility, go here.
Questions? Ask a Librarian

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