Monday, March 8, 2010

Doing industry or company research? Mergent is the database for you!

If you do business research, you can't afford to miss out on Mergent Online. Whereas Business Source Complete has journal articles on business topics, Mergent gives you access to reports and data that are used in the business world.
  • Look up a publicly traded company by name or ticker code and get a copy of its SEC/EDGAR filings, which include information on the value of its stock
  • Select an industry, a region, and a date range to get a report that describes the sector, estimates its value, names leading companies, and forecasts the outlook for that sector.
  • Look up a company and get an Equity Report that includes the company's annual report, plus information on its executives, subsidiaries, assets, liabilities, property, etc.
  • Compare information on executives (age, sex, level of education, level of compensation, annual bonuses) across industries and companies
  • Generate your own reports on a company or industry
  • Look up a country and get an overview of its economic situation, industries, and friendliness to business
Mergent will get you high-quality information for your assignments right now, while giving you experience using a top-flight business tool that's in demand in the professional world. For more information on how to use Mergent, check out this video tutorial.

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