Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, so I've pulled out a few Library resources that may be useful for research in African American history, culture, and concerns.

One of my personal heroes is Frederick Douglass. As a little child, when he realized he was a slave, from that moment he became fiercely determined to be free. Through his own cleverness and stubbornness, he managed to become literate, learn a trade, and escape to the North. He quickly became a leader in the abolitionist movement. As a speaker, writer, activist, and later a government official, Douglass worked to end not only slavery and racism but also the oppression of women. Reading his autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom was the beginning of my personal obsession with the history of American slavery and the abolitionist movement. It's a great story and an impressive work of liberal-humanist rhetoric in the tradition of the Enlightenment philosophers and the thinkers of the American Revolution.


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