Monday, December 7, 2009

Full-text Journal Finder

We get a lot of questions about whether we have a certain journal in our collections, but there's a faster way for you to find out. It's called Full-text Journal Finder.

If you go to the library website ( you'll see the link for it in the leftmost column. Another way to get to it is type into the address bar of your browser.

You'll see a simple search box.

Just type in the title of the journal you're looking for. What comes up may be:
  • "0 records retrieved for the search" - means we don't have it
  • one search result - that's your journal
  • an alphabetized list - pick your journal from the list
Next to your result will be information about where you can access the journal.

The links are links to the databases that have the article. The black text to the left of the links tells you what years (volumes and issues) of that journal are available in the database.

So click the link fore a database that contains the journal in the year you're looking for. You'll need to log in if you're not already.

That will take you to the journal inside of the database. From this point you can either browse (click on links to the individual volumes and issues of the journal in order to look for the article you want) or search (keyword search for a title, author, or topic within the journal.)
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