Monday, November 9, 2009

Medical Research in the Library

Whether you are in the Nursing Program, writing a paper on a health and wellness topic, or curious about something going on in your own life, the Empire State College Library can provide you with sound information on human biology, medicine, and the medical industry, including reference materials, e-books, and scholarly articles.

The first place to start looking is the Health and Biology Subject Guide. You can get to it by clicking this link, or by going to the Library website. Click the Resources By Subject link in the left column, and then click the Health and Biology link in the yellow box.

Like all subject guides, Health and Biology is organized under the blue tabs running across the top. The first tab contains basic introductory and health information. The second covers news and new research - the latest articles from various resources delivered right to that page. Reference tools has links to various medical and health dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference resources. Journals & Articles has links to the databases that will help you find scholarly articles on your health, medicine, medical industry, or human biology topic. Books lets you search the E-Book Catalog for books on your topic, or go directly to a collection of Biology e-books. Statistics & Websites contains links to websites that the librarians and faculty have selected for their scholarly-quality information. And Multimedia has links to audio and audiovideo resources that you may find useful.

Some databases you might want to look at are listed below:
  • Medline - This is the premier database of peer reviewed medical research. Go here to find the latest articles that report on the results of scientific studies.
  • CINAHL - This is the database to go to for articles in the field of nursing (and allied professional fields.)
  • ProQuest Health Management - This database has technical and scholarly articles about the health industry - hospital administration, health insurance and health maintenance organizations, the pharmaceuticals industry, and so forth.
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center - This is a database of articles intended for a general audience (and some peer reviewed) about various help topics. Information on alternative and complementary therapies is included. This is a good place to start if you have a health concern of your own.
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