Monday, June 15, 2009

RefWorks now available for free

Library Introduces RefWorks, a Web-Hosted Reference Manager

Following positive feedback from a recent trial, the Empire State College library has added RefWorks, a reference management tool similar to EndNote, to its collection of online resources. It is freely available for use by all current Empire State College students, faculty and staff (college login req'd).

RefWorks can help you quickly format citations in most any style, including APA and MLA, as well as assist in capturing and organizing references from the library's databases.

Like EndNote*, RefWorks integrates with Microsoft Word and Open Office to help you document your sources as you write. RefWorks is designed to make the research and writing process easier.

First-time users need to create an individual account in order to use RefWorks.

To Access RefWorks:

1. On the library’s home page, under “Cite Your Sources,” click on the “RefWorks” link
2. or go directly to:
3. Click on the “RefWorks login” link
4. Enter your college login and password

To Create an Individual Account (after entering your college login):

1. Click on “Sign Up for an Individual Account” link (see screen capture below)
2. Enter the appropriate information on the form and click on “Register”

Getting Started:

The Quick Start Guide outlines what a new user needs to know to start using RefWorks.

In addition, there is a series of RefWorks tutorials available within the program itself. You can view all of the tutorials in the series in less than an hour. Viewing the tutorials (or using the option to print them) will save you time and effort and is recommended. To view the tutorials, just click on the “Tutorial” link located at the top of each page, or go directly to:

For Help:

If you have questions about using RefWorks, please contact the RefWorks help desk at or call: 775-327-4105.

If you have comments or feedback about RefWorks, contact the librarians at Ask-a-Librarian.

*Note for EndNote Users:

Although the college will no longer support EndNote by providing new versions as they are released, you can continue to use your current software. If you wish to move your Endnote citations to RefWorks, you will find links to comprehensive instructions at
Questions? Ask a Librarian