Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mergent Online

Are you researching a particular company? Not sure where to locate the most recent annual report, or 10-K ? Need an SEC filing from 1999? This information and more is now available to you through Mergent Online. Mergent Online is a treasure trove of corporate and financial information on over 35,000 U.S and global public companies. It's also a terrific source for information on defunct companies. Mergent Online includes profiles, financial statements, stock and bond performance data, institutional investor holdings, and company news.

You can find information by company name, stock ticker symbol or by industry groupings using North American Industry Classification (NAIC) codes. You can also search and retrieve company data to generate customized reports, such as company profiles and comparisons, by downloading financial and text data into Word, Excel and PDF formats. Reluctant to jump right in? You can view a tutorial on how to use this resource if you go to the library home page and look for "Research How-To's under Help in the middle column. Just click on the Database Tutorials tab to find the video or print tutorial of Mergent Online.

If you're ready to explore Mergent Online right now, go to the library's home page at and click on the "Resources by Subject (or by title)" links in the left column (Mergent is listed in the Business Subject Guide).
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