Sunday, October 1, 2006

Routledge Reference Resources

These recent purchases now provide a massive amount of reference and background information on religions and philosophy. There are 2 reference tools now available through Routledge:
  • Religion Resource - 14,000 pages of content covering: history, philosophy and sociology of religion, new religious movements, indigenous religions, Eastern religions, paganism, magic and alchemy; the origins and spread of Islam; Protestant and Catholic missionaries; the history of the papacy; and more.
  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Search the 2000+ articles in this multi-volume encyclopedia. It covers the philosophical canon, as well as philosophy from all continents and all periods.
If you have a topic that touches upon religion or philosophy. this is a great place to start. These reference tools can be accessed via the Reference section of the "All Research Databases" link from the home page.

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