Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ferguson Career Guidance Center

The Ferguson Career Guidance Center offers comprehensive career guidance through extensive job and industry profiles, career forecasting, job skills and job hunting resources, and a monthly newsletter. It contains profiles of more than 2,050 jobs in more than 94 industries as well as useful information on preparing for your career and searching for and applying for jobs.

You can search for a specific job description or industry profile using the search box in the upper left or browse by industry.

Ferguson Career Guidance Center main page Each career description includes a detailed discussion of typical duties, salary ranges, education and or licenses needed, and employment prospects.

Budget Analyst career description page

The Industry Outlooks look in detail at each industry's history, structure and outlook, giving you insight into your potential professional field. In addition, this resource includes a search mechanism for locating scholarships and for identifying academic or non-academic education programs.


CDL T.W said...

What is th link for ESC student to view the ferguson Career Center?

Empire State College Librarian said...

Thanks for your question. The Ferguson Career Guidance Center can be accessed with these steps:
1. Go to the library home page:
2. Click on "All Research Databases" in the upper left.
3. Scroll down the Journal Article section until you see Ferguson Career listed (items are listed alphabetically) and click on it.
4. You will need your college login and password to access it.