Thursday, March 1, 2007

Search by Historical Date

Question: how can I find historical information about a specific time period in history, whether it be a decade (e.g., "the roaring twenties"), an era (medieval) or a period surrounding a specific event (dot-com bubble burst)?

Answer: there are several databases within the college's collection that can be especially used for historical research and all of them have some sort of option to limit by date:
  • ABC-CLIO (America, History and Life and Historical Abstracts) is THE premier resource within our collection for history topics - use the Advanced Search > Time Periods field to search for a specific time period
  • ArtSTOR - find photographs and other art works going back to ancient times
  • JSTOR - includes the full-text and full back issues of many scholarly journals, some going back as far as the 18th century
  • New York Times Historical Archive - search articles from this prestigious paper going back to 1851
  • Women and Social Movements in the U.S. 1600-2000 - find out anything about women's history in the U.S.
Fortunately, when dealing with a history database, you can often limit your search by date. In the case of the examples below, the first shows the "Time Periods" field (i.e., the time period the content of the article deals with) on the ABC-CLIO: America, History and Life database while the second shows the more commonly used date range (i.e., the date the article was published) option on the New York Times Archive.

ABC-CLIO database with "Time Periods" field highlighted from Advanced Search:
ABC-CLIO Advanced Search showing Time Period field
New York Times Archive with "Date Range" field highlighted in red:
New York Times Archive search page showing date range field

Don't forget that you can view all the history resources the library provides access to by clicking on the "Subject Guides" link in the left column of the library home page.

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