Thursday, March 1, 2007


PsycARTICLES, from the American Psychological Association (APA) and published by EBSCO, is a definitive source of full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology. The database contains more than 100,000 articles from 59 journals - 48 published by APA and 11 from allied organizations. It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor and errata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 to present.

As with all the EBSCOhost databases, you can search by keyword or publication and limit to results available in the database in full-text. In addition, you can use the APA's powerful thesaurus to locate and searching using proper psychological subject terminology. As can be seen in the screen capture below, the system itself also provides possible subject terms from the thesaurus after you do a keyword search that you can use to narrow your results list.

The advanced search also gives you options to limit by age and or population group and methodology.

Sample PsycARTICLES results page:
search results displayYou can access this database by clicking on the "All Research Databases" link in the upper left of the library home page and scrolling down to EBSCOhost on the alphabetical list of journal article databases.

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