Thursday, March 22, 2007

17 Journals Added to JSTOR

17 journal title holdings have been added to the library's JSTOR subscription, a few of which are listed below:
  • Ethnology: vols. 1 – 40, 1962-2001
  • Journal of Social History: vols. 1 – 35, 1967-2001
  • The Journal of the History of Sexuality: vols. 1 – 12, 1990-2003
  • Medical Care: vols. 1 – 39, 1963-2001
  • The Modern Language Review: vols. 1 – 98, 1905-2003
  • Political Psychology: vols. 1 – 24, 1979-2003
  • Reproductive Health Matters: vols. 1 – 11, 1993-2003
  • Simiolus: Netherlands Quarterly for the History of Art: vols. 1 – 30, 1966/1967-2003
  • Sociology of Religion: vols. 1 – 65, 1940-2004

Note that this content is not yet available via FReD or Article Linker. To access immediately, use the JSTOR link above.

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Resource Trial Period Begins

Dear Empire State College Faculty and Students,

We need your feedback! The Empire State College library is testing out nearly 20 new research resources this month. In our continuing effort to expand the college's collection of research resources and match that content to the needs of the faculty and students, we are launching a March trial period for nearly 20 new library resources that are under consideration.

Access to these trial resources begins today and comes to an end on March 31st.

In the effort to decide which products best meet the needs of the college, we need your help. Please take a few minutes and go to our Trial Databases page and take a look at and use any of the resources that interest you. Then fill out the feedback form provided there and let us know what you think; what resources are of value to you.

You will need your college login and password to access.

Go to: Trial Databases
There is also a link to these resources on the upper left side of the library home page.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Library News and Newsletter Now in Blog Format!

We have completed our migration of the Empire State College Library Newsletter to this blog format. The newsletter will now also incorporate library news items as they are released as well as the regular research skills articles you are used to seeing on a monthly basis.

This new format now allows you to comment on what you read at anytime as well as plug the RSS feed (link in menu to the right) of this blog into your favorite news reader or web site. We want your feedback! Please let us know if anything is confusing or erroneous or if you found something useful. And if you have ideas for topics or resources you'd like us to cover, please let us know.


PsycARTICLES, from the American Psychological Association (APA) and published by EBSCO, is a definitive source of full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology. The database contains more than 100,000 articles from 59 journals - 48 published by APA and 11 from allied organizations. It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor and errata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 to present.

As with all the EBSCOhost databases, you can search by keyword or publication and limit to results available in the database in full-text. In addition, you can use the APA's powerful thesaurus to locate and searching using proper psychological subject terminology. As can be seen in the screen capture below, the system itself also provides possible subject terms from the thesaurus after you do a keyword search that you can use to narrow your results list.

The advanced search also gives you options to limit by age and or population group and methodology.

Sample PsycARTICLES results page:
search results displayYou can access this database by clicking on the "All Research Databases" link in the upper left of the library home page and scrolling down to EBSCOhost on the alphabetical list of journal article databases.

Routledge Religion Resource

This reference tool brings together thirty scholarly tomes dealing with various aspects of religion into one place. You can browse by book title, entry title or subject, or search within the full-text of all or specific titles in the collection by keyword or person name.

Titles listed by subject page:
Subject Browse page
Sample encyclopedia table of contents page:
Sample title table of contents page
Each encyclopedia entry provides an in-depth discussion of the topic, cross-references to easily access related information, a further reading list, and how to properly cite the work in MLA format.

You can access this resource by going to the "Reference Tools" section of the "All Research Databases" link from the library home page.

Search by Historical Date

Question: how can I find historical information about a specific time period in history, whether it be a decade (e.g., "the roaring twenties"), an era (medieval) or a period surrounding a specific event (dot-com bubble burst)?

Answer: there are several databases within the college's collection that can be especially used for historical research and all of them have some sort of option to limit by date:
  • ABC-CLIO (America, History and Life and Historical Abstracts) is THE premier resource within our collection for history topics - use the Advanced Search > Time Periods field to search for a specific time period
  • ArtSTOR - find photographs and other art works going back to ancient times
  • JSTOR - includes the full-text and full back issues of many scholarly journals, some going back as far as the 18th century
  • New York Times Historical Archive - search articles from this prestigious paper going back to 1851
  • Women and Social Movements in the U.S. 1600-2000 - find out anything about women's history in the U.S.
Fortunately, when dealing with a history database, you can often limit your search by date. In the case of the examples below, the first shows the "Time Periods" field (i.e., the time period the content of the article deals with) on the ABC-CLIO: America, History and Life database while the second shows the more commonly used date range (i.e., the date the article was published) option on the New York Times Archive.

ABC-CLIO database with "Time Periods" field highlighted from Advanced Search:
ABC-CLIO Advanced Search showing Time Period field
New York Times Archive with "Date Range" field highlighted in red:
New York Times Archive search page showing date range field

Don't forget that you can view all the history resources the library provides access to by clicking on the "Subject Guides" link in the left column of the library home page.

Where Can I Find Case Studies?

What exactly is a case study? The American Heritage Dictionary of the American Language (4th ed., 2000) defines it as

"1. A detailed analysis of a person or group, especially as a model
of medical, psychiatric, psychological, or social phenomena. 2a. A detailed
intensive study of a unit, such as a corporation or a corporate division, that
stresses factors contributing to its success or failure. b. An exemplary or
cautionary model; an instructive example"
You can find more details about what a case study is and how to analyze one here:

Unfortunately, there is no centralized directory of case studies and so locating relevant cases can be tricky. Below we highlight ways to locate case studies within the library collection and point to some case study collections out on the web.

Library Resources:

Some research databases within the library's collection contain limit options (usually on the Advanced Search page) that allow you to easily search for case studies:

Our E-Book catalog also contains some books of case studies - here are some example titles:

Select Web Resources: