Thursday, February 1, 2007

Create a Link to a Journal Article

You've found your online article and you want to create a link to it in your annotated bibliography or essay. So how do you go about creating a hyperlink that you or your professor can later access it?

In most of the Empire State College Library databases, web addresses (also known as URLs) are generated on the fly for each article when you view them, and these cannot be bookmarked. For most databases, you need to create a PURL (Persistent URL) so that the link will work later. ProQuest and EBSCOhost (shown below) create PURLs for you and the PURL is displayed in the article citation.

EBSCO record showing URL field
Go here for instructions for finding or creating a PURL for each database in our collection:

Once created, you can simply copy and paste that PURL into your bibliography. They give your readers a quick, convenient way to view the sources you mention.

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