Monday, January 8, 2007

New Titles Added to Gale Virtual Reference

The library has expanded its collection of online reference materials by adding over a hundred new titles to the Gale Virtual Reference Library. There are now 268 titles in this collection. Click here to see the complete list of titles in the areas of Arts, Arts and Humanities, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Information and Publishing, Law, Library Science, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, and Social Science.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is especially useful when starting a research project to get preliminary background information on a topic, or for looking up basic facts, definitions, concepts and theories. You can search individual titles, subject groupings or across the entire collection.

As always, you can access the Gale Virtual Reference library through the ESC Library homepage ( The link is located near the bottom of the left-hand column, under Facts and Background Information. You will need your college login and password.

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