Sunday, October 1, 2006

Where to Start your Research

It's the most common problem a student faces when doing research in today's information-soaked world: where do I start? Where do I find "peer-reviewed" journal articles? Books? Newspaper articles? How can I get the full-text? The solution to all these questions can be summed up in 3 brief steps you should take the time to follow:
  • Take a couple minutes to visit the online Library Resources Orientation (linked also from the library home page under the Research Tutorials link on the right). Not only will doing this save you a ton of time later on when you have looming deadlines, but it will make the process of finding information in the library much less stressful.
  • When in doubt, click on the "All Research Databases" link in the upper left of the home page. This leads to a listing of all the research resources available in the library, organized by type of publication (journal articles, books, newspapers, reference, and images). Each journal article database in the list is also accompanied by a subject heading and a brief description.
  • Contact a librarian! We are here to help you - it's our job and it's what we love to do. Click on the Ask a Librarian link in the upper right of the home page for hours of operation and phone and e-mail contact information.

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