Friday, September 1, 2006

Congressional Quarterly Researcher

To find comprehensive information about a current or past political, social or public policy issue, try looking in the Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Researcher database. Here you will find in-depth, unbiased coverage of the important issues of the times.

Search menu options:
CQ Researcher search menuYou can browse the database by
  • date,
  • broad topic
  • specific issue (Issue Tracker)
  • hierarchical index
  • or search for specific keywords (Quick Search or Advanced Search)
Each report includes background, chronology, current situation and outlook, pro and con arguments, and a bibliography for more information.

CQ Researcher Sample Report:
CQ Research sample reportTo access this resource, go to the Library home page ( and click on the "All Research Databases" link in the left column of the page. You will need to type in your college login and password.

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