Thursday, June 1, 2006

Career Resources Center

Let's face it - one of the primary reasons college students make the effort to get a degree (beyond the love of learning) is to get or improve their employability. And we all, at one time or another, find ourselves in the position of having to decide what direction we want our career to take, or how to locate and apply for a job. We all know how stressful and time-consuming this process can be. Just locating suitable job openings can be a full-time job in itself! And then there are the subtle skills of writing resumes and cover letters, going to interviews and negotiating salary and benefits. What if we told you that quality information designed to guide you through all these processes, geared specifically to students at Empire State College, was only a mouse click away? It's true.

Career Resources Center home page:Career Resource Center main page
The Career Resources Center is linked from the library home page, listed in the middle column under "Learning Resources." In this searchable web site you will find loads of documents, forms, practice exercises and links for help in all aspects of the career process: assessing your options, locating opportunities, resume writing, succeeding in the interview process, as well as marketing yourself for professional development and advancement once you've landed that dream job.

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