Monday, May 1, 2006

Find Articles by Subject

Are your search words not finding enough journal articles, or finding too many? Want a more precise way to search a database? Try using the "Subject" or "Topic" feature offered on the multidisciplinary databases ProQuest (Topic Guide), Gale's InfoTrac and Expanded Academic (Subject Guide), and EBSCOhost (Subjects).

In most research databases, each article is assigned specific subject terms from a limited, controlled vocabulary, based on its content. If you know the term used in that database, it is the most accurate way to locate information. For example, if you were searching for articles on "education for the learning disabled" would you search on handicapped education, learning disabled education, learning disabilities and education, or special education? The answer may depend on the specific database you are using. That is why it is so useful to utilize the subject term feature. If you know the specific term used for that concept, you are assured of getting all relevant results.


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