Saturday, April 1, 2006

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of citations (sources such as books, articles, and other materials) relating to a specific topic where each citation is followed with a brief descriptive note or "annotation." The citations are formatted in a specific citation style, such as MLA, APA, or Chicago (your instructor should indicate the style they want you to use). The annotations in your bibliography can:
  • describe the book or article's content
  • demonstrate the book or article's relevance to your research
  • discuss the reliability or validity of the book or article's content
  • present your reactions to the book or article's content
Several excellent online tutorials are available to help you arrange, write and format your annotated bibliography:

-The Annotated Bibliography (Empire State College GVC Writing Center)
-How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (Cornell University Library)
-Annotated Bibliographies (University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center)

You may also want to ask the Empire State College writing tutor for help if you need assistance.

SUNY Open Access Policy

Inevitably in the course of doing your research, you will encounter a piece of information, whether it's a book, article, audiovisual material, etc. - that is simply not available online. Fortunately, when you encounter this situation, you still have options. The most important is to make use of the print materials at a library located near you. Through the State University of New York (SUNY) Open Access program, all current Empire State College students have access to the libraries of the State University of New York's two and four-year colleges and universities, including community colleges. For students who live in New York City, a similar arrangement is in place with the City University of New York (CUNY) library system.

To check out materials from these libraries, you will need to present your Empire State College photo ID with a valid expiration date and Empire State College ID number. This is the only proof of enrollment or affiliation that will be accepted at these libraries. This photo ID card can be obtained at your orientation session or from the nearest Empire State College center. Note however that most SUNY libraries restrict access to online resources and interlibrary loan services to their own residents. However, you may want to check your local public library - it may offer some form of inter-library loan service.

Before visiting any library, be sure to contact them directly to get their hours of operation as well as confirm their access policies.

Online Mathematics Library

Need help brushing up on your math skills for an economics or social science study? What's the difference between "mean," "median" and "mode"? Visit the Empire State College Online Mathematics Library at (it is also linked from the library home page in the middle column under "Learning Resources.") Here you will find a wide variety of math resources and tutorials geared to the adult learner. Browse by math topics ranging from everyday math to algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics, or find a site that explains a particular concept by using the keyword search feature. All resources have brief descriptions and icons indicating their content (practice exercises, multimedia, readings, reference materials or calculators) so you can select the tool that best meets your information need and learning style.

Part of the Online Mathematics Library home page:part of the Online Math Library main page

Info-Sci Online

Info-Sci Online is a full-text resource that provides access to the latest research literature in the fields of information science, information technology and management, distance learning, e-commerce and much more.

Info-Sci Online search page
This database includes over 7,500 documents consisting of journal articles, book chapters, case studies and conference proceedings. You can search by keyword, author, title and other fields, or browse by topic. Sample Info-Sci Online search results page:You can access this resource by going to the library home page and clicking on the "All Research Databases" link in the upper left. Then scroll down the list of journal article databases until you see "Info-Sci Online."