Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Addressing the complex issues that are part of today's current events can be challenging; especially if you are trying to critically evaluate and understand both sides of an issue in your research. Gale's Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a helpful tool for examining an issue from many perspectives. It presents facts about hundreds of controversial issues as well as the arguments of each topic's proponents and detractors. This database includes a wide variety of topics such as bioethics; drugs and athletes; genetic engineering; gun control; health care reform; nuclear weapons; right to privacy; and stem cell research.

Opposing Viwpoints Resource Center main pag The Opposing Viewpoints database is an easy-to-search online resource that provides viewpoint essays, full-text newspaper and magazine articles, statistics, primary documents, and web links on dozens of controversial issues to help you do your research. Opposing Viewpoints even includes a "Social Issues Research Guide" to help guide you through your research and writing. You can search by key word, author, title, and headline or simply select from a list of issues. You can access this database from the library home page ( and clicking on the link for "All Research Databases." Opposing Viewpoints is included in the "Gale" collection of databases. You'll need your MyESC username and password for access.

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