Sunday, January 1, 2006


ProQuest is a multidisciplinary database of full-text articles and article citations. This resource, one of the many research databases available through the online library, provides access to thousands of current and past periodicals and newspapers covering a wide range of topics.

It also has a user-friendly search interface, with up-front search options to help you limit your search to only full-text documents or peer-reviewed journals.

ProQuest search page

ProQuest helps make searching easier by suggesting additional or related topics to your search terms. For instance, a search in the screen capture above produced this list of "suggested topics." Clicking on any of these topic links will begin a new search for these exact terms.

ProQuest suggested topics
ProQuest also provides a list of "suggested publications" that relate to the terms you've searched for, such as this list of journals that relate to a search on diabetes.

ProQuest suggested publications
To help you refine your search results, ProQuest can help you group and sort your search results. The image below shows the tabs that allow you to view only results of a specific document type (i.e., scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) and sort your results by date or title, or display only items available in full-text.

ProQuest results sort tabs
Comprehensive online help is available by clicking on the "help" link at the top right corner of every page, or you can ask a librarian for personalized assistance.
To begin searching the ProQuest database go the library home page and click on the "All Research Databases" link. You can select ProQuest from the list of library resources on that page. The library staff has created a ProQuest tutorial to help you get started, as well. Don't forget: you'll need your College login and password to access ProQuest and other library databases.

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