Tuesday, November 1, 2005

FReD (Fulltext Retrieval Database for E-journals)

Need to see if our online library has access to a specific journal in full-text? Want to browse a list of available full-text journals by subject or title and then access the content of available, relevant titles? If so, then FReD is the library resource for you.

FReD is a quick and easy-to-use tool to locate and access online full-text journal content that is available through the Empire State College library.

Search FReD:
  • Title Search (highlighted in yellow below): set the search option using the drop-down menu (Title begins with, Title contains all words, etc.) and then type in the title or words from the title. This is best if you know the title already or know of a key word in the title).
  • Title Browse: click on the letter of the alphabet to browse the list of available journals by title.
  • Subject Browse (highlighted in yellow below): use the drop-down menu of subject headings to browse titles. This is best for when you don't know a specific title and want to see what journals are available for a specific topic.
FReD search page
Search Results Page:

When you do a search, the system will tell you how many results you got and for each result will display the following information and options:
  • Title and ISSN of journal.
  • Look up Article: use this option to search for a specific article by title words, author name, etc.
  • More full text options: ignore this - not used.
  • Dates of coverage: this shows date range available in full-text.
  • Database(s) that contain the journal: click on this link to go to a table of contents for that journal as covered in the database.
FReD results page
Journal Table of Contents:

As can be seen in the ProQuest database example below (note that the layout and options will vary between databases), you can normally browse the available contents by date or, in this case, also search within the publication as well.

Psycology Today table of contents via ProQuest
To access you can either click on the "FReD - locate full-text journals" link in the upper left of the library home page (under the Research Databases section), or go directly by using this URL shortcut: http://www.esc.edu/FReD.

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