Sunday, November 9, 2008

Information Literacy Study

Are you beginning a research project and don't know quite where to begin? A great place to start is the Online Study in Information Literacy at, a self-paced study to help you learn about the research process. This online study is tailored to Empire State College students and covers:
  • How to identify a search research topic and narrow it to a researchable question;
  • How to find books, articles, and internet sites that address your research question;
  • Understanding Empire State College's online library resources and how to use them for your research;
  • Creating a search strategy;
  • Evaluating, quoting and citing your resources appropriately.
Each module includes online readings, self-tests and assignments that you can use to practice what you've learned. Note: The Center for Distance Learning also offers a two-credit Information Literacy course (# 232012) for students who wish to enroll in a librarian-directed online study which covers the same material.

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