Sunday, August 24, 2008

Use Westlaw for Legal Information

For legal information, start with Westlaw. This service is the college and university edition of the Westlaw research database service which is used in law schools and the law profession. In addition to cases and federal and state laws and regulations, the database also features a legal encyclopedia, summary articles on legal topics and law review and journal articles.

You can search Westlaw Campus in a variety of ways, including by document citation, document title and keyword. The database includes Westlaw's proprietary "Keycite" law verification software that is used to alert you if a case or statute is still "good law" (i.e. whether it has a negative history or if it has been overruled, repealed or superceded) and to see citing references.

To access any research database, including Westlaw Campus, click on the "by title" link on the library home page, under the "Journals & Articles" section. For help searching the Westlaw Campus database, view the Westlaw Quick Start Tutorial.

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