Sunday, June 22, 2008

Using the Biography Resource Center

While working on a research project have you ever come across the name of a person you needed to know more about? One solution is to use Gale's Biography Resource Center. You can find information on more than 300,000 individuals and their contributions to areas of knowledge such as science, business, politics, government, history, entertainment, sports, the arts and literature.

The easiest way to look up a person is to use the name search. You can also identify names of prominent figures by occupation, nationality, gender, and other characteristics by using the biographical search. This is particularly useful, for example, when you start a research project and seek examples of prominent figures from a particular country, culture or realm of expertise.

For each biographical profile, there is a wealth of information organized under four main tabs: biographies drawn from authoritative reference books; brief biographies; magazine and news articles from popular sources; and links to web sites. While not a source of in-depth scholarly information suitable for inclusion in most college-level research papers, the Biography Resource Center is an easy way to look up basic biographical facts.

To use this resource, go to the library's home page at and click on the link for Resources by Subject (or by title) in the left column.

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