Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Using Encyclopedia and Reference Sources

Need fast access to a map of France? Searching for a short overview of the Cold War? Looking for the definition of antidisestablishmentarianism? Try Oxford Reference Online, a cross-searchable collection of over 100 subject dictionaries, thesauri, maps, encyclopedias, and almanacs. This database can be accessed via the "dictionary & Encyclopedia Search" link on the left column of the library home page. Oxford Reference Online provides access to reference materials on a wide range of subjects such as art, science, computing, history, law, literature, religion, and many others. You may search by key word or browse by subject. You may even search within a particular e-book or browse an e-book's index.

Ready reference sources like Oxford Reference Online, Gale Virtual Reference, and Credo Reference can be a valuable first stop when beginning your library research. They provide basic, reliable information to help you understand your topic better. They can also help you identify key terms and phrases to use when searching for scholarly articles and books in the library research databases. Entries in these resources often provide links to more information and can get you on your way to find the materials you need.

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