Sunday, January 13, 2008

Locating Libraries Near You

Even though it sometimes feels like it, most information, especially if published before the 1990's, is simply not available electronically. If you locate a book or article citation in a journal, newspaper or magazine that is not available in full-text within the Empire State College library collection (we do not have a physical collection) or on the web, you can still check your local academic or public library to see if they have the item on their shelves (note: faculty and graduate students also have our pilot ILL service available as an option). Below are the steps in determining what libraries are near you and which ones will allow you to use their print resources.
  1. All Empire State College students and faculty have borrowing privileges at all SUNY and CUNY campus libraries (you will need your student photo ID). Click on "Locate a Library Near You" link in the lower left of the library home page to view details about borrowing books.
  2. Policies and resources can vary widely, so once identified, please contact the library nearest you beforehand to verify that you can use their collection and that the item you want is not checked-out.
  3. If there isn't a SUNY or CUNY campus library near you or what you want isn't available there, you may need to find a public or other academic library. To do so, refer to the information on the aforementioned "Locate a Library Near You" link and look for regional libraries.
  4. On the next page, click the link for "New York Libraries by Region" and you will see a colored map of New York. Click on the region you live in to see a list of academic, public and special libraries. Most entries will include contact information and a link to that library's web site.

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